Speed charts and speeds selection ATR 72 - 500

Fuel calculations for ATR 72 - 500

Taxi - 40 kg, large airports up to 100 kg
Distance multiplied by 3
Hotel Mode - 100 kg/h
Holding for 30min + 1 go around - 350 kg
 Divert to Alternate - distance multiplied by 3
TAS for fuel calculations - 270 kts

Taxi on one engine as much as possible.
Before takeoff in cooler days, watch for engine 1 oil temperature, min 45 C for takeoff.
After landing ,engine 1 feather position for 1 minute then shut off.


Flight LZTT / EPPO - 250NM, Altn EPWR - 84NM

250 NM multiplied by 3 gives 750 kg
Flight will take 1 hour and 5 min.

Taxi fuel - 30kg, it covers start up and Hotel Mode and taxi for at least 15min.
If prolonged taxi is expected or significant hold with Hotel Mode running assume 100 kg for taxi.

For alternate:
84 NM multiplied by 3 gives 260 kg.
Holding  plus go around gives 350 kg.


40 kg + 750 kg + 260 kg + 350 kg = 1400 kg

1395 kg is the minimum required fuel for flight.

After landing in EPPO, You should have 610 kg, which is the minimum fuel for the flight to alternate, so you can't land in EPPO with less than 610 kg. It is advised to have some extra fuel for unexpected delays.
Recommended extra fuel for at least 30 min of flight is 200kg.
Adding 200 kg to 1400 kg gives 1600 kg total fuel for the trip. After the flight in EPPO the plane should have 810 kg.


Unless ATC restricted, climb at 170 IAS to FL100, then in pitch mode to planned level.
On all Cargo flights climb at 160 / 170 IAS. Watch minimum icing speeds in icing conditions.
If not weather restricting climb to highest possible level up to FL250.
If time permitting use PWR MGT in CLIMB mode during whole flight (less fuel burn).